24th December, 2013

It has been a dream of mine to have my Tumblr friends join me for Zumba. And today it happened!!!! What a huge treat!

I walked with Tori back to the studio but then realized I forgot the key, so I had to abandon her. When I returned, my Mom had already found her and without even having a clue who she was, had greeted her and was welcoming her to Zumba. :) She’s the cutest.

Thank God other people showed up so I didn’t have to be embarrassed in front of Tori. *haha* We had a really good turnout, actually, for a Christmas Eve class.

This was Tori’s very first Zumba class and she tackled it like a dance machine! She did great! And my favorite thing was looking back at her and knowing I’d see that beautiful smile. Smiling Zumba students are my favorite!!!

After class was over I even got to meet Kevin, because he was a doll and drove her to the gym. (We’ve still got icy roads and Ms. Georgia best not be driving on them!)

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