27th November, 2013


She is every bit as darling and bubbly and fun as her blog, guys. Though she’s taller than she looks in pictures! (Which I blurted out after greeting her with a hug, so I think the hostess at On The Border probably thought we were meeting for a Match.com date or something. LOL)

We shared an appetizer platter and then went to Cocoa Dolce¬†for fancy chocolates (those suckers were $2 a piece! Ballin’!) and hot drinks. We hung out for like 2.5 hours and just had a really great chat! Talking to her is easy, like we’ve been friends for years. I enjoyed every minute. <3

Thank you, Kevin, for having to work this evening so I didn’t feel guilty for intruding on your time together. :) I am definitely pulling for her future relocation to Wichita. *fingers crossed*

(She’s coming back at Christmas and she’s going to try and come to my Christmas Eve Zumba class!! *squeeeee*)

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