30th July, 2013

A woman just brought us this injured bird. We don’t deal with wildlife (and probably couldn’t if we wanted to today because Dr. O is swamped). But she spoke very little English, so I agreed to help her make some phone calls to see who could help us.

Long story short, this is a Mississippi Kite (a widdle biddy hawk!) and I will be driving 30 minutes outside of town after work to take him to Eagle Valley Raptor Center. (The woman that brought him in didn’t have a car…so I volunteered for this job after she started asking how much a cab would be. Don’t be ridiculous!)

He’s strikingly beautiful! He’s sitting on my desk and hasn’t taken his little red eyes off of me. I want to stroke his head but that pointy beak ain’t making any offers of friendship…so never mind. But it’s still neat to be able to observe him so closely!

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