12th June, 2013

Unplanned splurge! 

Wichita has only a couple of food trucks in circulation and though I’m constantly hearing rave reviews, I’ve never managed to eat at one! (They usually hover around the “work-lunch-crowd” areas, which I don’t frequent. Boo!)

So when I was driving home from work and spotted the highly acclaimed Cake Face truck sitting right there, I turned right into that parking lot without a second though. (And my tires might have peeled. Just a little.)

The sandwich was called Dapper Dave: chipotle BBQ chicken, cheddar and jack Cheese, bacon on a ciabatta roll. OOOOMMMMGGGG, I wish you guys could have SMELLED this sandwich. So good.

And I had to get something sweet. Because duh, the truck is called CAKE FACE. I opted for the beignets because I hadn’t had those since Jeremy and I went to New Orleans like 7 years ago. That’s long enough to wait for beignets!!! 

Two thumbs up for my first food truck experience. All fingers and toes up for Cake Face! YUM.

And now I really need to make sure I make it to a Zumba class. Or 5.

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