16th January, 2013

I promise I will not eat them all today.

posted 1 year ago

Along with the muffins, I made these breakfast cookies. Once again, mine look NOTHING like the ones in that website’s picture. Mine are flatter and less chunky. But whatever. Maybe I’ll add more “add-ins” next time.

I put walnuts, pecans and flaxseed in the dough, then split it in half and put raisins & shredded coconut in one batch (for me) and these Enjoy Life chocolate chips in the other (for Jeremy). Sidenote: I was pleased that those little chocolate chips don’t taste bad at all! And they’re very small, so a scattering of them in a cookie just adds a touch of flavor.

I made these so I’ll have something little to take the edge off my hunger as I head to my group exercise classes early in the morning.  I think they’ll be perfect, they’re not too sweet and have a great texture. The recipe made a ton, so they’ll last quite a while!

(Here’s the muffin recipe I used, in case you were interested.)

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