14th January, 2013

Weekend Paleo Recipe Roundup

posted 1 year ago

Alrighty folks, here’s what we made!

Paleo Brownies


These are the ones we totally flubbed. Now, because beedleebee has been RAVING about how delicious these things are, I’m positive we must have done something wrong. Ours were like dark chocolate, tasteless sawdust that I couldn’t even swallow. BAD. We tossed the whole batch. Help me Bee!! I want to eat yummy Paleo brownies too! *haha*

Paleo Snickerdoodles


4 thumbs way way up! Jeremy and I both liked these a lot. And even our friends, who aren’t doing the Paleo diet, said they were good! We didn’t have the coconut crystals the recipe suggests for the coating, so we used a little stevia mixed with cinnamon. (PALEO CONTROVERSY! But there was hardly any, I promise.) They were darker as a result, but still yummy. The cookie itself was so good we think next time we’ll make them plain and skip the coating.

Paleo Chicken Fingers - This is the second time I’ve posted this recipe, but I’ve just gotta reiterate how yummy these are. Whether we continue Paleo or not, this recipe will stick around. Jeremy goes ga-ga for them.

Cauliflower “Rice” - I was skeptical about this one. But as I was stirring the original concoction around in the skillet, I said “this smells a little like fried rice!” Then it hit me, “I could add an egg! And some carrots!” Joining my excitement, Jeremy ran to the fridge and started getting out the extra ingredients for me. It really does taste a bit like fried rice! I had it today with some grilled chicken mixed in and it made me VERY HAPPY. Who would have ever thought!!! (Cauliflower is a much better substitute for rice than it is for popcorn, let it be said. *ha*) Next time I’ll probably add some scallions. Or maybe even small pieces of broccoli? Why the heck not? :)

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