28th September, 2012

"Too Close" - Alex Clare

I had the joy of attending Cardio Craze this morning. I LOVE THAT CLASS. Can I please have every Friday morning off? No? WHY NOT!!! *pout*

Janefer always picks THE BEST music.  I love her Zumba routines of course, but in Cardio Craze she can pick any style and do whatever she wants, so it’s like a marathon of my favorite current radio hits. We did an ab routine to this song and I was singing along the whole time.

(She also added in “Booty Werk” and I went nuts. So excited. We had talked about that song before, since Denise does it at the South YMCA, but Janefer was afraid the crowd at our gym location might be too tame for it. The routine seemed well accepted though! I certainly liked it! *hehe*)

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