25th September, 2012

I’ve been to 4 classes since we last spoke. :)

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Turbokick - The instructor was having major allergy issues and was hopped up on meds so she was quite scatterbrained. She improvised a lot of her own choreography so I was confused at first, but it ended up being really fun! *haha* Turbokick on drugs!! ;)

Zumba - Ugh. I am not a “that’s my spot!!” Nazi. But I DO get really frustrated when someone gradually inches me out of one spot into a completely different row. That happened last night. This gal couldn’t do anything in a straight line, all of her movements drove her backwards. So she ended up in the row I HAD been standing in, right next to my Mom, and I ended up being squeezed into a non-existent row behind her (and sorta intruding on the space behind me, though I tried not to). One of my Zumba buddies that was witnessing this whole mess even said something to the lady, but it didn’t do any good. SO FRUSTRATING.

Yoga - My husband looks so cute doing those warrior poses, I can’t even stand it. And I really hope we weren’t bothering anyone with our giggling at one point…we are such sarcastic little brats we can’t help ourselves from heckling each other sometimes. I’m really gonna miss him next week! (The Bears will be playing and the game will actually be televised - hardly ever happens around here - so there’s no way yoga will be on his list of priorities. LOL)


Body Blitz - Maryanne had this “Pitbull Remixed” CD playing and man, us Zumba gals were having an awfully hard time not adding some “flavor” into all the exercises. ;) Also, Samantha returned to class this morning! She’s engaged to Jeremy’s running buddy Eric and you may remember her going to lot’s of classes with me at the beginning of the year. Well, at one point she let Eric talk her into running instead (cause remember, he’s a Zumba hater)…so she started doing that…but then hated it so much that she quit…and ended up doing nothing instead. (BEEN THERE DONE THAT! Find something you love or YOU WILL QUIT!) So when I saw her at the 1/2 marathon on Sunday she said “OK OK OK, I’ve got to do something!! I NEED TO COME BACK TO CLASSES WITH YOU!” :)

Eating so far has gone great today! I know it’s only 9:30…but I’ve been up since 4:40am so 5hrs without eating something I shouldn’t is still a victory. ;) I even think I FINALLY found a Greek yogurt that I can stand eating! WOOHOO!!!

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