31st August, 2012

GUYS!!! I get to see my friend Anne next weekend! She’s living in Ft. Worth now so we’re going to meet halfway in Oklahoma City. Her traveling-machine hubby is going to hook us up with a free hotel room using his points or connections or what-not, so I’ll just have to cover gas and whatever we do while hittin’ the town!

I am SO. EXCITED. Y’all know how badly I’ve wanted a little getaway. This will be perfect.

And I haven’t seen Anne in over a year!! For those that don’t know, she was the vet technician when I got my job here at the animal hospital in 3/09. We only worked together for like 4 months before she and her husband moved to Kansas City. But we were instant friends, so even though the majority of our friendship has been long distance, we’ve managed to maintain a close connection and I love her to death. It’s been way too long since we’ve been able to get together for a giggle fit. :) Can’t wait!!!

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