29th August, 2012

See, he's not ALWAYS so supportive of my Zumba obsession. ;)

  • Me: Sometime if I get off work early enough on a Friday, I wanna take Fredrique's Zumba class. I've never gotten to take her class.
  • Jeremy: On a Friday? But that's movie night!
  • Me: I know, but if I got off early enough to take the class I could still get cleaned up in time to make a movie with you.
  • Jeremy: But if you got off that early, why wouldn't we just catch an earlier showing and maybe grab a bite to eat too?
  • Me: I'm getting the vibe that you don't want me to Zumba on Friday nights.
  • Jeremy: *in whiney voice* Noooooo cause Friday is OUR night!
  • Me: Alright. It's a deal. I shall not Zumba on Friday nights.
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