29th August, 2012

Zumba Gangnam Style!!!

A couple days ago I posted this video on my Pinterest Zumba board for Janefer to see. I just said that I thought this had Zumba written all over it and needed to be danced to!!

I didn’t know if she had even noticed it, but this morning after class she called me over and started playing it. I, of course, started squealing excitedly and then she stood next to me and we started doing the choreography. Well, the only choreography we could really remember, which was the horsey-dance thing and the booty-pop part after he says “Heeeeeeey sexy lady.” A group gathered around and started dancing with us.¬†

Spontaneous uninhibited dance party! Nothing better!!!!

So yeah, anyway, Janefer is going to work up a full routine to this song now. I hold the keys to the Zumba kingdom!!!! ;) Just kidding but it is beyond cool that she keeps taking my suggestions and running with them. 

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