20th August, 2012

Remember Sam?

posted 2 years ago

It’s been a while since I’ve given you guys any sort of update on my sister’s family and their quest to get their new son Sam home from Bulgaria!

(If you never heard the story, please check out my original post that has all the details: Suspending the Silliness.)

While we were concerned to hear that Sam had been released from the care he was receiving at the hospital only to be returned to the sad, dark, prison of an orphanage he’s known far too long, a recent update has eased our minds a bit. Lauren and Rich received word that he is getting more personal attention now and it’s making a big impact on him. He still isn’t talking but he does communicate with gestures and he is walking independently! Yay! This gives us such hope for how well he will flourish once he’s in a loving home that will give him 24/7 care and attention.

Unfortunately the adoption fundraising has slowed quite a bit in the last month or so. :o/ Lauren and Rich still only have about 5% of their goal and while they will possibly be approved for various grants and other funding, the majority of the money will need to come from them. It’s such a huge sum! It’s a little overwhelming but we have absolute faith that God is going to provide a way!

Many of you showed your love by ordering the bracelets my sweet niece Olivia made and I thank you each again for that heartfelt gesture! There are still many more available at Olivia’s Bulgarian Boutique! Still only $5 each.

And now, there are a couple of other exciting ways that people can help!

A super fun website called Flip Flop 2 Adopt has a variety of merchandise including, of course, flip flops. Check them out, they’re so cute and look darn comfy! Every purchase (using the code “Heaston Family Fundraiser”) contributes to saving little Sammy.

They also have these very affordable, very colorful, sparkly headbands! Their price has just been reduced to a mere $4.95. Bargain! :D

Orrrrrr, perhaps you’re looking for something delicious and soothing to sip from a mug during the coming chilly months? Well what do you know…you can also purchase gourmet coffee as part of our fundraiser! Just Love Coffee is a reputable company that assists in fundraising efforts all over the Country. I’ve heard from several people who have tried their coffee and say it’s really good quality and quite tasty. This might make a good Christmas gift for coffee lovers in your life, too! :)

Thanks for bearing with me during this brief little commercial break. ;) I don’t want to bog anyone down with this, but felt the need to stir the pot up again to remind everyone that this is still a huge need and prayer request for our family. Pass it along if you feel led!

Love you guys! <3

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