17th August, 2012

"Everybody Talks" by Neon Trees (Hey zombies!)

I had the pleasure of taking Janefer’s “Cardio Craze” class this morning. It’s dance aerobics like Zumba, but she throws in more mainstream music and other dance styles. She uses this song, for instance, for a jive!

Lemme just tell ya folks…the jive is tricky. Like, I have SUCH great appreciation for the kids on SYTYCD (and ANYONE that dances, for that matter) when they can pull off the quick little flick-kick movements of the jive and not look like a total spaz. IT IS TOUGH! I can almost, sorta somewhat do it with my right leg. But my left leg? It’s like I can’t even communicate with my left leg. I feel (and look!) like I’m having a stroke. LOL!

Still very effective workout for the calves and glutes though, I must say.

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