17th July, 2012


posted 2 years ago

That’s totally the dream I had last night!!!!

*hahaha* I can’t stop laughing about it. I’m so mad at myself though - I remembered so many great details when I first woke up, but now they’ve vanished. I wish I would have jotted them down but I was in a rush to get to Body Blitz.

I just remember that ALL of you were there (though the only face I can specifically remember is Lisa’s - you were wearing your hair pulled back with a bright green headband and looked fresh-faced as usual! :) ) and that we were hanging out in my living room, sorta slumber party style…except in workout clothes instead of jammies. Natch.

AND THEN MY FAVORITE PART - at one point, SOMEBODY (no idea who…maybe even a fictional Fitblr my imagination threw together) got up to lead us in a Zumba routine. Set to Star Wars music.

STAR WARS!!!! bahahahaha

And I was all, “Um guys, I don’t think this really qualifies as true Zumba. But whatever.” Geez, what a snot you are Dream-Sarah. In real life I’d be totally game. LOL!

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