23rd February, 2012

Austin Livestrong Marathon Recap

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Our group at the starting line: Jeremy and I with our workout buddies. Eric has been running with Jeremy since the beginning of all this madness training and Samantha started coming with me to the Y at the beginning of the year (and is the whole reason I recommitted to the 5:15am classes I’d blown off for so long).

Eric and I have been in a sort of “workout war” for a while now, mostly on Facebook, where he playfully downgrades to legitimacy of Zumba as a workout and keeps insisting that I need to take up running. For a while it was really getting on my nerves (I vented about that on here) but I’ve resolved not to take it so seriously. Especially after spending the weekend with both of them, I can see that he really does mean all the comments in a teasing fashion, even though he does believe every single person in the world should be into running. (To his credit, he’s lost over 100lbs in the last year or so, through running and biking. Mad props to him!) (EDIT: I forgot to mention, he made some comment about my calves on the day I was wearing capri’s and I proudly declared “Those are ZUMBA calves. *hehe*)

ANYWAY, that being said, he made this shirt for the race. It says “Run, because Zumba’s too easy.” Hardy har har. :^P Here, Samantha and I are demonstrating our feelings for the shirt (although my mad face clearly needs work):

Then on the back he had the nerve to write this:

Again, hardy har har.

Once the race began, Samantha and I hopped into our car (with Eric’s Mom) and we attempted to track down a few check points I’d marked so we could cheer them on (even though I’d forgotten my sign *pout*). It quickly became apparent that we weren’t going to do well…it took us nearly an hour to make it to the 13 mile marker (which should have only been 6 minutes by car). All the closed roads had us turning around a lot…and had Eric’s Mom getting horrendously car sick in the back seat.

But we did make it to Mile 13 and I was glad because that was in the midst of the big series of hills:

(We have NO TERRAIN like this in Kansas. Jeremy and Eric haven’t been able to do any elevation training that wasn’t on a treadmill. So we were worried about them!)

Here comes Jeremy up the hill (far left):

I went nuts, jumping up and down cheering and screaming. He was smiling, giving thumbs up and hollered “GET THE WHEELCHAIR!” Made me so happy to see him in good spirits…and not visibly limping or anything. ;)

Of course, when he REALLY needed me (at miles 21+) we weren’t there. :( Because it had taken us so long to find this check point (and because of Eric’s Mom being sick in my car), we decided to head straight to the finish line at this point. We didn’t want to risk missing that big moment.

Flash forward a couple of hours: the marathon app told us he had finished (the finish line was hidden in a huge blockade of barriers :( ) so we started looking for him in our designated meeting spot. Several minutes passed and finally my phone rang. It was a number I didn’t recognize but I answered it because it was a Texas area code. It was Jeremy. He had walked as far as his legs would carry him, crashed in a window seat and borrowed a friendly stranger’s cell phone so he could call me and tell US to come to HIM. *haha*

SO proud of him!! (And Eric too.) I can’t imagine doing what they did. And at this point, neither of them can imagine doing it again either. LOL Jeremy said he may become a “10K specialist” and just work on his speed, because he felt really great during that early part of the race. But I wouldn’t put it past him to be signed up for another marathon before the year is out. ;)

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